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QR codes

Generate codes for clothing in stationary, and online stores – individual or in bulk orders. Personalize parameters, obtaining real product measurements thanks to which your customers can easily choose clothes in the sizes that actually fit them. No returns and no measurements needed – it is convenient for customers, it increases sales, and significantly reduces costs.

E-commerce plugin

Automatic integration with the website store – the module compares the customer’s measurements with the parameters assigned to the product is displayed in the form of a pop-up window on your website. Just select the areas for measurements and enter the data from the manufacturer’s table. MatchUp will do the rest. Our numerous utility amenities guarantee a group of returning customers.

Mobile app

Our MatchUp app is entirely intuitive, a clear user panel for stores and clothing brands, and convenient functionality for the customer. Bind the codes with graphics or the product description, put them on the label or on the product card and give the recipient the freedom to choose. One click will alert you if the garments fit you or not – it couldn’t be easier.

Employee uniform measurements

The corporate module provides comfort for employees, and convenience for the company. Our innovative measurement system, allows companies to produce tailored customer uniforms without the feelings of embarrassment during the measurement collection process. A fully customized utility panel, full automation of the results processing, and tailored uniforms.