What is MatchUp?

MatchUp connects people and clothing sizes to make a match made in heaven. The intuitive and universal system works on many levels, bringing benefits to entities from various segments of the clothing market and their recipients. It makes shopping easier for retail customers, allowing them to accurately choose clothes for both them and their loved ones, in the right size, in any chain store – stationary or online – without having to wait in fitting room queues. For stores, MatchUp can reduce the number of returns. Using MatchUp, sewing plants and clothing manufacturers can conveniently fulfil individual or corporate orders, simplifying the measurement process.

App and QR codes

The mobile application saves time and money by making the purchasing process more accessible. With our app, gifting clothing items has never been easier. When purchasing a piece of clothing for a loved one, there will no longer be risks of choosing the wrong size, all the recipient needs to do is share their measurements with a person of their choice, from there on all you need is the app to determine their ideal size. By integrating the plug with their website, E-commerce stores automate the process of comparing actual measurements of recipients with the manufacturer’s size table. Thanks to MatchUp, the level of customer satisfaction is increasing which reduces the risk of returns due to the wrong size. Stationary stores minimize the number of employees involved in the service of changing rooms, and benefit from a simplified logistics process. A sealed supply chain is also a step in the right direction for the planet – we help you, you help the environment. Clothing manufacturers also have the opportunity to carry out corporate orders and make-to-measure productions, perfectly matching the designed types of clothes to the orders.

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E-commerce solution

Integrated with the website of the store, the plugin allows you to fully automate the size comparison process, and the customization enables individual selection of parameters for sizing. MatchUp does not use sensitive data, it is based on matching the real measurements of the client, with the size of the clothing provided by the manufacturer. Our app benefits the consumer and supplies profit for the store.

Employee measurement system

The corporate module has been tailored to the needs of companies, and optimized to simplify the uniform sizing process. No more manual measurements, measurement errors or dressing the person getting measured in special measuring suits. MatchUp saves time, provides comfort, and guarantees accurate selection of clothes to the individual measurements of employees.